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About Us

Our Story

Emporium TPO was born out of a conversation between two old friends and industry veterans - Steve Nadon and Dan Goodwin. With a shared belief that well-originated NonQM products are integral to the future of mortgage, they decided to take their proven ability to build and grow a business and create a transformational mortgage lender that delivers high-quality products and sustainable returns for shareholders.

Our Leadership

Emporium TPO's founders have decades of experience in building multi-channel production teams from scratch. They have operated lenders at large banks, hedged pipeline risk, and managed credit at banks and non-banks.

  • $35 bn annual volume and $95 bn servicing portfolio at Option One Mortgage Company
  • $7 bn annual volume at H&R Block Mortgage
  • $3 bn annual volume at New Penn Wholesale
  • Proven start-up skills with a focus on rapid growth and profitability
  • Deep understanding of enterprise risk management, product development, and capital markets access

Our Mission

Our aspirations are simple; Build a team of talented individuals with shared values who think and behave like owners. Create a culture that is focused on delivering exceptional customer service in a collaborative and rewarding environment for associates. Deliver quality products and returns to stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Always behave in an honest and ethical manner
  • Make decisions that are in the best interests of the company, our customers, and our stakeholders
  • Do what we say we'll do
  • Stimulate, anticipate, and embrace change
  • Strive to make Emporium TPO the best at what we do, every day

The Team

Emporium TPO's Team

Steve Nadon

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a seasoned executive with over 35 years of experience in mortgage banking and financial services. He brings a wealth of expertise with direct responsibility for strategic planning, sales & operations, technology, servicing, leadership development, enterprise risk management, budgeting and P&L management, and operational controls. His broad industry experience gives him a deep understanding of what it takes to build and grow successful companies.

Daniel Goodwin

Co-Founder & President

Daniel is an experienced executive with 30+ years in structured finance and the secondary mortgage market. He has worked at large financial institutions providing strategic advice and capital to specialty finance companies, insurance companies, and banks. He has led multiple innovative and complex financings over the years, both for M&A and regular ongoing operations. Daniel has a long history of building cohesive and successful teams and has had direct responsibility for strategic planning, risk management, and talent development.

Ed VanDuren

Chief Operating Officer

Ed has extensive experience developing successful sales and operational teams within organizations of varying sizes. He is highly regarded as a motivator with an ability to generate enthusiasm in the workplace and mentor future leaders. Ed is a strategic visionary capable of setting goals and priorities to overcome diverse challenges and achieve organizational objectives. He specializes in strategic planning and tactical implementation, P&L and forecasting, process improvement, and mentoring.

Celine Weiler

AVP, NonQM Underwriting

April Moseley

Strategic Outsourcing Team Lead

April joined the mortgage industry in 2016 where she quickly ascended from working within the Registration and Change of Circumstance Teams to taking point and driving change in executing projects tied to outsourcing. Her responsibilities included developing training, leading collaboration meetings, testing, monitoring, and performing quality control audits. Her efforts led to consistency in the entire loan registration process throughout multiple locations as well as improved and sustained turn times. Other projects include outsourcing manual parts of the appraisal process and being a key participant in organizing the outsourcing of underwriting. She is a graduate from the University of North Florida, Jacksonville and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

Christine Abrams

Sales Manager

Karen Sampson

Director, Human Resources

Karen Sampson began her human resources career in 1998, working in the hospitality and mortgage business sectors. From 2001 until 2007, Karen was a Regional Sr. Associate Relations Advisor for Option One Mortgage servicing a client group of over 2000 leaders and associates before transitioning to hospitality as a Regional Human Resources Business Partner and Area Director of HR from 2007-2022. Karen received a Bachelor of Business Degree focusing on human resources from Arizona State University. She is a proud supporter and contributor to the non-profit Sojourner Center, a safe haven from domestic violence for women and their children. Karen currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Natalia Valle

Post Closing Manager

Natalia started her lending career in 2005 as a collector after receiving a bachelor's in Business Administration from California State University Easy Bay. She has spent the past 12 years in post-closing and joined Emporium TPO in February of 2022. Natalia lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter and can be found on a mountain or beach anytime she's not working.

Debbie Fletcher


Debbie oversees the operational implementation of the Compliance Management System. She has over 20 years of mortgage lending experience with more than 10 years of that in Compliance. She is well versed in risk operations and evaluations as well as auditing, conducting research and trend analysis. Debbie specializes in compliance monitoring and operational processes, reviewing and assessing data and implementing changes to ensure end to end regulatory compliance.

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